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Experience traditional japanese martial art in the town of Naginata- Matsuura

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Naginata is

Naginata is a traditional sword that used as a weapon for battles in the past. It was said to be developed earlier than katana(samurai sword) in history.
During the war of naval battles where a close battle cannot be carried out, Naginata showed its several situational advantages over the other swords. Matsuura’s navy army used Naginata for battles since Heian period, which made Naginata to be a well-known weapon in Matsura-shi even until now.
Sources and experience programs for Naginata are rarely seen in modern japanese society. Matsuura-shi was declared to be the [Town of Naginata] . People from all over the world can experience this unique japanese martial art in Matsuura.

Flow of experience (Experience time: 90mins)

①Wear uniform
②Meditation and bow ( starts with bow and ends with bow)
③Starts to learn the skills of Naginata
⑤Taking photos
If the weather is nice, we may go out with uniform and take pictures with shrine or scenery for background.

Traditional martial art- Naginata

Starting from Edo period, Naginata was regarded as martial art to learn for women in Samurai family. Naginata shows the style of beauty that embodies a woman called Yamato Nadesiko, who represent the pureness and beauty of ancient japanese women. Nowadays, Naginata still has large amounts of women joined the Naginata competition.
Naginata has less popularity compared to Kendo and Karate. Also, it is not easy to find an experience program for Naginata in modern Japanese society. Matsuura-shi offers the experience program for Naginata. Please come and try to experience this unique japanese martial art which only can be found in Matsuura-shi.

The words of Naginata teacher

Being one of the traditional martial art in Japan, Naginata has large popularity of female participants. Ancient Japnese woman learnt Naginata for battle or competition. Please come to Matsuura- the town of Naginata to experience this traditional martial art!

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